Scientific Advisors



Patrick S. Doyle, Ph.D. is Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department at MIT. He received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and his M.S. and Ph.D. from Stanford University. Prof. Doyle received a Chateaubriand Fellowship to pursue postdoctoral studies at the Institute Curie in Paris where he studied single molecule DNA dynamics. A major theme of his current research is the translation of a molecular understanding of transport phenomena into new microfluidics-based processes. He was the recipient of a NSF CAREER Award, 3M Innovation Award, MipTec PolyPops Foundation Award, and John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship. He is also the winner of the “Pioneers of Miniaturization” from the Lab on a Chip, Royal Society of Chemistry and Corning Inc, Rothschild-Yvette Mayent-Institute Curie Award, and Joliot Chair at E.S.P.C.I. in Paris.

vsDr. Lokesh Joshi is a Science Foundation Ireland appointed Stokes Professor of GlycoSciences at National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland. His laboratory is developing technologies for high-throughput biomimic discovery and microarray based glycomics studies for clinical and industrial applications including infectious and chronic diseases and biopharmaceuticals. He has a PhD in Biological Sciences and Biochemistry from Bath University, UK, where he worked on the strategies adopted by pathogenic fungi to colonize the host. He completed Post-Doctoral and Research Associate experience in molecular fungal pathology and glycobiology at Cornell University, New York. He was appointed Research Assistant Professor in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University in 2000 and he joined the Department of Bioengineering and the Biodesign Institute as an Associate Professor in 2003 where he led a team of researchers working on the glycosylation pathway discovery and engineering and peptide therapeutics to produce biomolecules of therapeutic value. During this period, Professor Joshi also co-founded a successful biotechnology start-up, Arizona Engineered Therapeutics (AzERx). In 2005, he was appointed as the Interim Director of the Center for Protein and Peptide Therapeutics and later as the Director of the Center for Glycosciences and Technology in the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University.